• Plumbing services in Medford Oregon
  • emergency plumbing services
  • industrial plumbing services
  • plumbing design systems
  • business plumbing services

General Plumbing Contractor Services

We are a licensed plumbing contractor and can work on any project or pluming issue in your home or business.

Water Heaters

We have repaired and serviced countless hot water heaters in Rogue Valley over the years. Our master plumbers are licensed and qualified to service or repair all make and model water heaters for residential homes and properties. Our services are wide-spread; from water heater repair and replacement, to sediment removal, installation, unit sales, and more!

Sump Pump

When a basement or crawl space floods, the sump pump is commonly to blame. If you are experiencing water leakage or flooding problems at home, contact our licensed plumbers right away.

Sump pumps play a vital role in our homes. They are systematically designed to remove water from basements, foundations, and crawl spaces.

The longer you wait to address a flooding issue or water leak, the more damage is likely to occur. To avoid costly repairs and restoration fees, take immediate action upon discovering a basement leak or flood.

  • Medford Plumber Client
    Medford Plumber Client
    Plumber Services in Talent
  • Plumber Services in Talent
    Medford Plumber Client
    Plumber Services in Talent
  • Medford Plumber Client
    Medford Plumber Client
    Medford Plumber Client
  • Medford Plumber Client
    Medford Plumber Client
    Medford Plumber Client
  • Medford Plumber Client
    Medford Plumber Client
    Medford Plumber Client
Plumbing Services

Our services include:

  • New home or apartment building plumbing installation
  • New commercial site plumbing requirements
  • Professional office plumbing install or repair
  • Repair existing plumbing or pipe issue
  • Drain and sewer unclogging
  • Repair plumbing
  • Remodeling plumbing

Plumbing Service Area

Our service area includes the following communities:

  • Ashland
  • Talent
  • Phoenix
  • Medford
  • Jacksonville
  • White City
  • Grants Pass
  • and other areas in Southern Oregon

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Looking for expert plumbing services? We offer comprehensive solutions from design and install to repair and remodeling. Spartan Plumbing is a top plumbing contractor. Click here to access our latest special offer and discounts!

Our goal is providing fair, honest service to each of our clients.

We know you want your plumbing problem fixed quickly and with qualified services, that is why we are here to serve you.

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Spartan Plumbing
Full service plumbing for homes and businesses for over 20 years in Southern Oregon.
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